FAQs on Vaginal Discharge In Pregnancy

How frequent is vaginal discharge in pregnancy?

Nearly all pregnant women experience discharge more from the vagina, than when they are not pregnant.


Why do you get vaginal discharge in pregnancy?

The normal change in vaginal discharge during pregnancy defined on bridgat is due to the fact that the vagina gets infused more blood during pregnancy. This allows more activity in the mucosa and more mucus production. In addition, grow the cells in the mucosa more and exfoliated to a greater extent. Increased cell rejection and more fluid produce both more and changed the texture of udflåddet.


What are the symptoms of vaginal discharge in pregnancy?

Discharge from the vagina is quite normal in pregnancy.


If the crowd, the smell or color of udflåddet suddenly change, or you get genes from the vagina in the form of itching or pain, you should talk with your doctor about it.


How made the diagnosis?

Often the doctor in maternity pant will be able to make the diagnosis from the pregnant women’s description of udflåddet and symptoms.


By vaginal examination the doctor can see whether there are inflammatory changes in the vagina or around the vaginal opening. If the doctor is unsure of the diagnosis, samples can be taken by udflåddet. The doctor can look at udflåddet in the microscope.


What treatment is there?

Normal pregnancy vaginal discharge should not be treated. Other causes of vaginal discharge is treated to avoid complications in the fetus and in order to reduce the nuisance for the pregnant. There are many different kinds of medication, which can be used also in pregnancy, without damage to the fetus.


What are the long-term prospects?

All the above mentioned infections can be treated effectively with medication and do not harm your fetus, so long as they only are present (localized) in the vagina.


Genes from vaginal discharge in pregnancy will disappear after birth.


How do I avoid getting vaginal discharge in pregnancy?

You can’t avoid getting vaginal discharge in pregnancy. It is perfectly normal, and the vast majority of all pregnant women have vaginal discharge.


You don’t wash with regular SOAP. Do you need SOAP, use one that is specially designed for that purpose, with the proper PH-value.


How to prevent vaginal discharge in pregnancy worsens?

You should seek medical advice if udflåddet changes the character in terms of color, smell or quantity. If it is an infection, which leads to increased vaginal discharge, it must be dealt with.

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